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Petroleum Products

Petroleum Jelly


Petroleum Jellies are manufactured in Sovereign's most modern state of the art dust-free manufacturing facility. Sovereign’s white & yellow petroleum jelly have diverse applications in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, printing ink, leather & rubber industry. Sovereign’s pharmaceutical grade petroleum jellies comply with the latest issues of the Indian, British & United States Pharmacoepieas. They are extensively used in preparation of various pharmaceutical, dermal ,ophthalmic ointments, etc. They can also be tailor made in order to meet the specific requirement of the customers.

Sovereign’s Petroleum Jellies are offered in 170 kg M.S. Drums & a variety of other consumer packs.............more

Liquid Paraffin


Sovereign’s Light Liquid Paraffin & Liquid Paraffin (Heavy) are highly refined paraffin mineral oils which are colorless & free from aromatic hydrocarbons having excellent lubrication & insulation properties .These products also conform to the recent requirements of the Indian, British & United States Pharmacoepieas. They are widely used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical and personal care products such as ointments, lotions, hair oils, baby oils, creams, moisturizers, laxatives, internal lubricants etc. These oils are also used in Food, Agricultural & polymer industries. These Oils can also be offered in different viscosity grades to suit customer’s specific requirements.
Sovereign’s Liquid Paraffin is offered in 210 Liters epoxy coated M.S./HDPE Drums & flexi tanks.............more


Microcrystalline Wax


Microcrystalline Wax, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Wholesale, Exporters of Microcrystalline Wax, India, Mumbai

Sovereign’s Micro Crystalline Wax is white in color & has higher tensile strength & melting point. Because of its unique molecular structure, it is more branched and circular, resulting in an excellent adhesive. It is used in manufacturing of candles, skin care creams, gels, ointments; etc. It is also used in packaging & plastic industries.

Sovereign’s Microcrystalline Waxes are offered in 25 kg Cartons.........more


Bees Wax


Bees wax has vital skin nourishing property, which has given it an edge over the other synthetic waxes so far. Crude Beeswax is collected from the right sources and refined in a specially designed process, so as to help retain its unique properties. Sovereign offers yellow & white bees wax confirming to various pharmacoepieas. These products are widely used in many cosmetic & pharmaceutical preparations.

Sovereign’s Beeswax is offered in 25 kg Cartons......more

Emulsifying Wax


Sovereign’s Emulsifying waxes helps to create a stable emulsion over a wide pH range. They are available in Anionic & Nonionic Grade. They are extensively used in ointments, creams, lotions& other wax emulsions to prepare oil in water & water in oil emulsions. These waxes also confirm to the various pharmacopoeias.

Sovereign’s Anionic & Nonionic Emulsifying Waxes are offered in 25 kg Cartons........more


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